We’re very pleased to provide this sneak preview of our new brand, complete with the eclectic swirls and design by Carl Joseph Paola of CJP Creative Studios.

Carl says…

“It has been a absolute pleasure working with Josh to create the new branding for his signature blend, Hill Roasters Espresso. I intentionally chose a off beat colour palate which alludes to the variety of cultural sources from which the blend is derived. My hope that when people see it, especially in context of the swirl, it will draw their eye with a positive feeling of questioning an so attract them to have a closer look. Colour creates emotion and these colours have been carefully chosen to create feelings of attraction, excitement and a gentle, subtle un-ease that can only be resolved on closer inspection.

The profile of the design is derived from the logo which I regard as the “seed” of any brand. In this case, it opens the possibility of maintaining continuity throughout all of Josh’s offerings; present and future.”