Here are some easy tips on how to keep your beans fresh for as long as possible!

First of all, use an opaque container and store them away from sunlight. Light can quickly degrade the quality of your beans by changing the flavor profile away from what your master roaster intended. So, make sure you choose a container that’s opaque, such as a stainless steel canister, a ceramic jar or good quality non-see through tuppaware.

Of course always start with good quality roasted coffee beans but if you happen to purchase a large bag of coffee beans (1kg), divide it into four 250g portions to use one at a time. Or consider buying four 250g bags instead since most often they will cost the same as one large 1kg bag. Essentially, buy smaller bags or divide them yourself if at all possible.

What temperature should you store your beans at? The best range for storing coffee beans is between 18-22°C in a cool, dry place, like your pantry, cupboard or even your fridge freezer.

Another method that some of our customers use is to invest in a vacuum sealer. It’s a very useful gadget that can remove air and help maintain the freshness not just of your coffee beans but many other perishables in your kitchen.

Then of course there’s the golden rule to get the most out of your brew; grind your coffee beans just before you brew them. Ground coffee beans lose their flavor faster than whole beans. So, to maximize the flavor of your coffee, grind only what you need for your immediate use.

In short, to store your coffee beans optimally, use an opaque container, store them in a cool, dry place, divide large bags into smaller portions, use a vacuum sealer, and grind them just before you make your brew. Happy brewing!